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Over 500 Dip Colors
* Kiara Sky
* Nu genesis
* Etc..
* We have over 500 Dip Colors

Nail Envy provides acrylic Nail Services in Henderson, Nevada are an excellent alternative to long lasting nails that will withstand the everyday tasks while making your hands look beautiful. Our acrylic nail services are perfect for those who have brittle fingernails and those who use their hands and fingers professionally. We use natural non-toxic acrylic nails that will remain white and never yellow or fade. These acrylic nail are flexible and will never chip or crack. Our acrylic nail treatment and services are safe for everyone including women who are pregnant as well as women who suffer form allergies.

Artifical Nails



Nail Envy provides facial hair waxing services in Henderson.

We provide eyebrows, face, legs and feet. Our facial hair-waxing applicants are all-natural and will cleanse your face as well as remove unwanted hair around the eyes, chin, lips and ear areas of your face.

We use all natural and safe hair removal waxes. The hair facial removal waxes will not harm your skin and are perfect for pregnant women and those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Our facial hair waxing services are safe, long lasting and quick. Our facial hair removal technicians are experienced in removing facial hair and will apply gentle hair removing techniques without pain. Please call our salon for more information on our facial and body waxing hair removal treatments

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